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The site is more of a dustbin than a blog. At irregular intervals I add some nonsense or other to it. There is no theme. I don’t publish comments on the site, which spares those reading it the ignominy of being identified as the sort of persons who would visit such a blog/not-a-blog. I do respond via email to feedback, so keep those cards and letters coming. Or, more conveniently, click on the cleverly-titled “Feedbach” link to send me a piece of your mind. Here is one recent example (I am not making this up):

the dog doesnt need to smell your visotirs. You lett them waith for the visotirs, they must passed your dogs My thought is that all visotirs are comming over for our family, not for the dogs. So the visotirs dont have to give the dog attention about the first 5 min. And the dogs may not go to the visotirs. They get the signal. If visotirs comming in, and they only give the dog the attention. Then give them the leash and let them walk with the dogs So they can give them attention lol