About Us

Club History

The first official Twin Cities SCRABBLE club has existed since 1976. It was started by Dan and Robin Proud, and is one of the oldest SCRABBLE clubs in existence. The club is officially recognized as Club #42 by the North American SCRABBLE Players Association (NASPA)*. We often call it the Minneapolis Club on these pages (and informally the “Tuesday club”). When Carol Dustin started attending the club in 1987, it was meeting only twice per month, on Friday nights at the Proud home in north Minneapolis. During her first year there, she offered to keep computerized statistics for the club. Back then, she lived just a few blocks from the Prouds’, and somewhere along the way started holding club sessions at her house on Fridays when the Prouds had other plans. By 1989, they approached Carol about taking over the directorship. In 1992 the meeting day changed to Tuesday and the sessions became weekly. The club has met at many different locations over the years, and has been at its current location since 1998. The Prouds continued directing local tournaments for several years before moving to Wisconsin.

Carol started the second officially-sanctioned Twin Cities club in 2003. This club met for more than three years as a part of the Minneapolis Club, until February 2007 when Carol announced that the club would be officially designated as NASPA Club #651*. Carol remained in the role of director at this new club, and passed the mantle of leadership of the Minneapolis Club to long-time club member Steve Pellinen. As of January 1, 2011, this club is affiliated with the Word Game Players’ Organization (WPGO) and is officially known as the North Metro Club (informally, we often call it the “Thursday club”).

Where and When

The clubs meet on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday every week of the year (major holidays excepted). See Where and When for locations and times.

How We Play the Game

NASPA and WGPO rules govern play at the clubs. The How We Play the Game page is full of useful information about rules and word sources.

National Organizations

NSA, NASPA, WGPO? What’s what and who’s who? See National Organizations page for a short primer.

More Information

In addition to club play, several local tournaments are held each year. See the More Information page.

* Prior to July 1, 2009, club numbers 42 and 651 operated under the auspices of the National SCRABBLE Association (NSA). See National Organizations.