Dave Herfel’s Bingo Report: December 4, 2012

Posted by Admin on December 5, 2012 under Bingo Reports

Letter X icon from www.softicons.comI like observing where letters go: which ones start words, which ones end words, which ones are found next to which other ones. Last week, I mentioned in passing that just one recorded valid bingo (along with two phoneys) has ended with B. Often, details like that can be quite compelling. Other times, they resemble the following, from 12/4.

SUBTEXT, played by Carl as the least probable seven of the week, is the first bingo recorded whose penultimate letter is X. A couple of facts prevent this from being utterly meaningless. First, there exist only 24 words (length 7-8) that meet that criterion. Secondly, we are running out of specific letter/placeholder combinations that we have yet to use. After 12,599 bingos, if it’s a letter, we’ve pretty much used it everywhere at least once. Exceptions follow, where parenthesized numbers are the number of 7-8’s in the dictionary that satisfy the condition:

No J’s later than the 6th spot (2).
No Q’s later than the 5th spot (12).
Nothing ending with V (4).
Nothing starting with X (37).
Nothing ending with Z (14).

Another note about SUBTEXT: Carl also played DIOXANES, making him the third player to record two X bingos in the same session. (Lisa, EXTERNAL and ROULEAUX, 12/24/10 and Scott, EXULTING and RELAXES, 5/29/12).

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