March Madness and More

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March 23, 2013

What: Two one-day WGPO SCRABBLE tournaments.

When: Saturday, March 23, 2013.

Where: St. Lawrence Church & Newman Center 1203-5th St. SE Mpls (in Dinkytown).

Contact: Doobie Kurus,

Doobie’s Notes:
Doobie’s “RUBIES & NEWBIES” is a traditional seven-game tournament with multiple divisions, and includes lunch. Similar to my “Summer Kick-off” tourney, it will be held at my church in Dinkytown near the U of M. NOTE, for players with little to no tournament/club experience, I will be offering an opportunity for them to learn the competitive game in a club style format. Please spread the word to people you may have met that seem interested in Scrabble, but are intimidated by coming to club or a tournament. I know there are more people out there that like to play Scrabble face to face. While competitive play may not be for everybody, you’d be surprised how many might just try it, if the conditions were more inviting. Point being, every new person we can get to come to club or tournaments helps build and fuel our passion/hobby/obsession. So keep your eyes and ears open. I’m not looking for, nor expecting dozens of newbies to come out, but 5-15 people willing to learn what competitive Scrabble is all about is very promising.

March Madness is a “Sweet 16″ format where winner takes all. It will take place right after the awards are given out (approx. 5:30) from the day time tourney. It’s only $10, and might be (for some of us) your best chance to win an open division tournament. Think of it as club play, only with a bigger prize if you go 4 and 0.

Email me to put you on the list, especially for the March Madness “Sweet 16″, as space is limited.

See Doobie’s Rubies & Newbies (PDF) flyer and March Madness (PDF) flyer complete registration information.

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