A long-winded blowhard once said that “brevity is the soul of wit.” Later, he was stabbed through a curtain (and worse yet, through his breast).

I’m a fan of 55-word fiction (see its Wikipedia entry), though I can’t write it. I have trouble keeping my first sentence under the limit. I will will attempt to write some microfiction (Wikipedia calls it flash fiction). I should be able to stay under 1,000 words, as I run out of steam at about 80 (but don’t realize it until word 200 or so).

I’m not writing just any microfiction. Each of my peppy little vignettes will be accompanied by a snappy little cell phone photo. If a photo is worth 1,000 words, a low-res cell phone snapshot should be worth about 600 or so. Which is just about perfect (80 + 600 = 680)

At any rate, you should find these brief little morsels easily digestible. If not always tasteful.

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