Adelbert B. Brain

A. Brain himselfAdlebert B. Brain has been called “the hottest advice columnist since Ann Landers”1, and “an American treasure”.2 He recently purchased a late-model used car, and worked out a restitution plan with the Ramsey County Public Library system. Mr Brain has applied for membership in MENSA, and subscribes to the National Geographic. His late pet ferret, Mr Billy, is buried near the Visitor’s Center at Fort Snelling State Park in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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    A young, alluring Ann Landers. Photo circa 1961.
  1. From a private communication, A. Brain to the editor of Bachblog, November 13, 2011. (Compare photo of Ms Landers at right.)
  2. Wikipedia’s 1963 page briefly included the following note: “August 8 – Adelbert B. Brain, an American treasure, born in the back of a cab, Des Moines, Iowa.” This text is currently absent from the page; the only current entry for August 8, 1963 concerns a train robbery in Buckinghamshire, England.