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Potentially Legit!

Once again I have received a notice that one of my readers was blocked by his employer’s web monitoring software, which prevented him from getting an early scoop in re Biden’s V.P. choice (missed it by this much[1]). This was not the guy working at a public school that I already knew was blocked.[2]. So, alarmed, I checked to see if I could find evidence that a Russian Troll Farm has used my domain for nefarious purposes. Nyet, as far as I can tell.

Quite an endorsement

Your favorite website is rated Potentially Legit by the net-nannyish, which is not only better than what gets (I’m guessing), it would make a fantastic name for your garage band![3] Scroll past the graphic for more helpful information.
Potentially Legit


Here is an impressive list of the Internet’s snootiest arbiters of taste who wholeheartedly endorse the phenomenon that is Check it out, and prepare to marvel at the third and final slide that follows it..
Widely-endorsed website

We’re #7,254,013!

Wow, ranked with all of the big names on the web! Every employee at can expect to see a 12% bump in salary. What the heck, let’s double it: 24% it is![4] ranked #7,254,013


  1. The shocking scoop was just a bit wide of the mark. [^]
  2. I’m pretty sure he considers it a perk of the job. “Dang, Steve, I’d love to read about your bizarre Queen Elizabeth II infatuation, but our librarian Mrs Grundy, when she’s not banning books like Red Badge of Courage, turns the dial up to 11 on our web filtering software. It’s such a shame. I’m sure you nailed the whole ‘Charles Dickens on acid’ thing.” [^]
  3. I do have suggestions for Potentially Legitimate’s album names. Most of them include the word bastard, of course. [^]
  4. I have highlighted “Personal websites (such as blogs, portfolios, etc) do not need HTTPS connection[s]” because I am aware that Googly and Micro$lop and other web behemoths often flag links to unsecure (unencrypted) web pages as “suspicious.” At least in part this is in keeping with their desire to have all “homegrown” websites moved to their monetized and strip-mined (for exploitable data) servers. [^]